What I Do

 The precision I work on every detail with, the mastership I integrate in all I do, and the love I surround each piece of art with, are the solid base and the firm guarantee for the perfect quality of all my works! 

I specialize in four different areas:

  • Restoration of muzzle-loading weapons
  • Wood craft
  • Knives and cutlery
  • Leather craft


of muzzle-loading weapons is my first love. The thought of pouring life into those seemingly dead parts of once glorious firearms and guns is what has always been thrilling me with excitement. Patiently, I go through the whole process of taking the gun to pieces, cleansing it, polishing it, and bringing back its previous shine. I restore matchlock, flintlock and percussion cap hand-held firearms. Contact me to get a special quotation.

Wood Craft

engraving, carving, knurling – my competitive advantage in regards to my wood craft, is that I always use only top-quality seasoned hardwood. No matter whether it's about hilts, butt-stocks, hand-guards or handles on which you wish engraving, curling or knurling, I am the right person to be contacted.

Knives & Cutlery

forming, hardening & finishing – this is my current passion, which blends my wood and leather craft skills. The knife crafting is a true ritual for me, thus I do it from scratch, selecting besides the best materials – from the steel piece to the handle's wood. Going carefully through all the processes of knife crafting – forming, hardening and finishing, I consider my knives being as precious and valuable as children. Depending on their purpose and use – in the kitchen, for hunting, when fishing or diving – every single knife I craft is beautifully designed, richly decorated and purposefully executed.


sewing, decorating – the perfect conclusion of my specialties. Working only with high-quality leather I bring about nicely looking and greatly effective leather goods: holsters, sheathes, and belts.